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As a university where teaching and research are grounded in global engagement, Northeastern's impact is being felt in all corners of the world. The general student body shapes the world through experiential learning opportunities with nearly 3,100 partners on seven continents. For varsity student-athletes, however, the demands of a grueling NCAA Division I schedule sometimes provide challenges for those wishing to explore the world during their time at Northeastern.
"When you look at the experience of the general student population and compare that with the student-athlete population," said Peter Roby, director of athletics and recreation, "one of the things we recognize is that the schedule demands of the student-athletes make it harder for them to take advantage at some of the ­global experiences that the general population might be able to take advantage of."
Through the generous support from Janet and Lou Swanson, six varsity programs have traveled and competed abroad in the last two years to align with the department's goal of having all of its student-athletes participate in a global experience during their time at Northeastern. 

As an institution housing students from 140 different nations, 63 of Northeastern's varsity student-athletes hail from 27 countries, nearly 16% of Northeastern's student-athlete population. With thoughtful design, all of these cultural immersion opportunities align well with the university's institutional goals, and there continues to be a window of opportunity to utilize sport to build bridges and relationships.